Nominations are rolling in for our Person of the Week, the News & Star feature that each week shines a spotlight on the someone who has achieved something special.

It might be a milestone in their career or selfless service to the community, or recognition for a simply amazing person who you think deserves recognition.

During the coronavirus pandemic Christine Groody and Gillian Major they have continued to go to work on the frontline making sure that people are kept in touch with their families by post.

The duo have been working continually for their community and have been nominated anonymously, they’re putting themselves at risk by going out to work and coming in contact with the public, potentially coming into contact with those who may have or may be suffering symptoms.

They’ve put their worries about the virus aside to help others and make sure others are kept up with any post office needs they may require.

The forgotten hero’s stand out from the crowd by continue to work, hard and they’ve said nothing about this. Other keyworkers have had their praise whereas they have been working away in the background, keeping their heads down and just getting on with things.

They go to work each day with a smile on their faces, putting their worries aside and make sure people are get the customer service they deserve.

Both Gillian and Chris have gone above and beyond for their customers. Each day they go to work in that busy environment have seen people who should be home self-isolating, have even come into contact with people who have been in hospital for coronavirus testing but still continue to go to work every day and serve customers.

They are providing a vital service. Many people cannot see their families at the moment so for them keeping in touch by posting food parcels, birthday presents, letters etc is a lifeline for them.

The surprise nomination will not be expected the two of them just go to work do their jobs and go home every night.

They don’t do it for the recognition of the praise, they simply do it to help people out, said the person who nominated them.