Cavendish Nuclear’s analytical laboratory is continuing its critical work whilst protecting its staff through the coronavirus outbreak.

Environmental analytical services are still taking place at Cavendish Nuclear’s laboratory on Greeson Court in West Lakes Science and Technology Park. George Phillips, operations manager said:

“In the days before the UK wide lockdown, and since, we have been continually updating our customers with the situation at Greeson Court to give them confidence that we are able to continue to provide them with the services they require.”

Measures have been put in place to protect staff from the spread of Covid-19, including: implementing staggered lunch times, using office on the site that are now free as people work from home and enhanced use of protective equipment.

Mr Phillips said: “By working together and implementing and following the restrictions described, and by engaging with our customers we have been able to provide a safe environment which adheres to social distancing measures and which also enables us to continue to provide the critical analytical services required by our customers.

“I am exceptionally proud of the way my team has responded to the difficult changes in the way they work in a very, very short space of time, of the way they are looking out for one another and the way they are doing this and continuing to deliver for our customers and the nuclear industry.”