Maryport has got the blues, but all in a worthy cause.

The town council has found a spectacular way to thank everyone who is still working to help deal with the coronavirus pandemic.

The council has switched on the blue Christmas lights around Netherhall corner and in the Memorial Gardens opposite St Mary’s Church.

It is also keeping the lighted art feature on the harbour on blue.

As well as that, the council has ordered two large banners, using the rainbow theme to thank the NHS, emergency services, retail, carers, children and all essential workers for their efforts.

Mayor Peter Kendall said it is likely that the Maryport banner will be put on the St Mary’s railings - a traditional site for local “notices”.

In Flimby it will likely go on the railway railings for people to see as they pass through the village.

Mr Kendall said the town wanted to do something to show its appreciation for all those working so hard on behalf of the rest of us.

“We wanted to show our support and decided this was the best, and most public way to do it.

“The banners have cost us pennies in the scheme of things and turning on the lights was no hardship so we have managed to have the best outcome without any impact on ratepayers.”

He said the town’s reaction has already been very positive.

As well as this public thank you, the council will deliver boxes of biscuits to the Maryport hospital and the doctors’ surgery.

“It is another way of saying thank you and will give staff something to nibble on while they are working.”

Earlier this month the town council gave the local Foodbank 200 Easter eggs.

It has come with a plea from councillors and clerks to look out for neighbours, be kind, to stay home and stay safe.