Players from a West Cumbrian cricket team took part in a virtual challenge to feel closer together.

Gillfoot Park ladies' cricket team created a video showing them 'passing around' a toilet roll, instead of a ball.

Of course the players, who are observing the strict social-distancing guidelines, were only able to do so virtually.

Player Keavy Horricks, 21, of Bigrigg, put together the video, inspired by football teams.

She said: "I didn't think it was going to work as people were sending me videos of themselves throwing the toilet roll and everyone is passing it in a different direction, I thought it would be a nightmare but it turned out well.

"I'd seen a similar toilet roll challenge going around with football teams and I thought we'd do it with out cricket team."

And it wasn't just the players who took part, their children also had a go at the virtual game as well as coach Allan Gribbin.

Keavy said: "Some of us found it hard as we were doing it by ourselves and it's hard to pass yourself a toilet roll.

"I'm missing our team, we were supposed to have a game on Sunday which was obviously cancelled, so it was nice to still come together as a team even though we can't be playing together."

Each team member was filmed in his or her house and then it was up to Keavy to make the video look like the players were actually passing the loo roll to each other.

A number of sport clubs have taken part in the challenge.

Last week it was Maryport Amateur Football Club’s U12s team, who played a virtual match using a toilet roll instead of a ball.

Cumbria's Young Farmers club also released their video taking on the challenge.

The “toilet roll challenge” started as a bit of fun to encourage people to keep busy during the coronavirus lockdown, and has fast become a social media hit.

Another version of the challenge sees football players doing kick-ups with a toilet roll.

And with the Premier League postponed, some sport stars have decided to take part.

These include Manchester City's Benjamin Mendy, Manchester United's Bruno Fernandes and Monaco's Cesc Fabregas.