EastEnders (BBC1)

As Phil prepares to confess everything to the police, Ian is still hoping he can keep his part in Dennis’s death under wraps as he destroys the phone containing the evidence and revels in kicking Dotty out.

However, it seems he shouldn’t start gloating just yet, as Dotty makes a surprising next move. Then, following a heart-to-heart with Vinny, she heads over to the Beale house to deliver a threat. That’s bad news for Ian but at least Bobby will be pleased to see her, as he’s developing a crush on her...

Over at the Vic, Linda feels guilty when she sees how deflated Mick is over selling up and suggests they can stay if she doesn’t work in the bar, but a drunken Billy helps them to put things in perspective.

Billy is drowning his sorrows after Karen suggests moving out of Walford, although it seems if he doesn’t want to make a fresh start with her, Mitch and Bailey are prepared to go in his place.

Chantelle throws herself into her job with the Panesars and Vinny hatches a plan to start his own business.

Emmerdale (ITV)

Malone is not happy when his 4x4 is found smouldering in a field, not least because he realises that Cain and Billy had been keeping it to use as leverage against him.

The corrupt cop soon gets his revenge though when Billy is arrested. Malone reveals that another one of his little helpers has taken a beating - and has been instructed to tell the police that Billy is the culprit. However, Malone then delivers an ultimatum...

Elsewhere, Jamie is uncomfortable when Belle attends a party with Andrea (although to be fair, she’s not thrilled at the prospect either) and, worried about how unprofessional she’s been since their fling he gets her fired from the vet’s. Belle confronts him but is taken aback by his response.

Mandy is taking over village life as she encourages Bob to tell Wendy how he feels and insists on planning Sam and Lydia’s stag and hen nights. Paddy overreacts when Bear leaves Eve alone in her pram, and Al and Priya get passionate.

Coronation Street (ITV)

The net is closing in on Geoff, but if there’s one thing we know about him it’s that he’s a slippery customer. Surely he can’t lie and manipulate himself back into Yasmeen’s good books now?

She tells Alya she was right about Geoff all along and that she’s definitely going to the wedding with her, but not until after checking on her devious other half. At No 6, she discovers a smashed photo frame and blood - but no sign of Geoff.

Yasmeen decide she can’t go to the wedding until she’s found him - it seems he’s won again...

While packing up to move out, Bernie begs Chesney to keep a close eye on Gemma. Thankfully he later spots her leave the quads on the bus and manages to get them back, after which she admits she can no longer cope. He takes her to the doctor where, hopefully, she can get some much-needed help.

The Barlows are heartbroken when Eccles is put to sleep, Toyah, Nina, Evelyn and Mary are arrested at a zero carbon protest and Ken makes a stand.

Hollyoaks (Channel 4)

Mitchell is refusing to have anything to do with his dad, but Felix isn’t giving up easily and locks himself and his son into a room at the hospital to beg for a second chance.

And if that doesn’t work, it seems Felix has a Plan B - and it involves blackmailing Walter into helping. Whatever dirt he has on Walter is obviously serious, as the grandfather recruits Scott to try to get Mitchell talking to his dad.