AS we all get used to life on lockdown, young farmers from all over the county have come up with an entertaining and hilarious way to keep up spirits and stay safe.

The “toilet roll challenge” started as a bit of fun to encourage people to keep busy during the coronavirus lockdown, and has fast become a social media hit.

The idea for Cumbria to be involved came from Raughton Head young farmer Abi Marston, who collected all the videos, edited them, before releasing the finished video on Cumbria YFC Facebook page.

She said: “We have four members who work for the NHS, and are proud to do so, but the reason for making the video was to say thanks to all the farmers who continue to work to keep the county going, for example sheep, arable, chicken, beef and dairy farmers and the mechanics who support the farmers not only during this time, but all year round.”

“Through these sad and desperate times it is often felt farmers are forgotten about as essential workers, therefore we wanted to put a smile on fellow farmers’ faces and remind them how thankful we are and what an amazing job them and all other essential workers are doing.

“Farming and agriculture can be a very stressful and isolating job so to do something like this was to raise the moral and give people something positive to speak about.

“We began asking for videos on a Saturday morning and then by 6pm on the Sunday night after an intense couple of hours formatting the video we were able to publish,” added Abi.

The challenge has now been taken up by other young farmers’ clubs in the county.