While many are protecting those in isolation in their area, some very important members of the family are being forgotten, and one animal sanctuary is looking to change that.

Forever Friends Small Animal Rescue and Sanctuary is asking pet owners to use this time to take care of their beloved animals, not abandon them.

The Maryport sanctuary owner and manager, Emma Kelt, is offering help to those struggling to feed their pets during the pandemic, saying "we won't see any animal go without".

"I've seen a few posts from various rescues around the UK of people abandoning their pets – we had one dumped on us a couple of days ago," the worried animal-lover said.

"If anyone does need help feeding their pets then to get in touch with us or another rescue and we will help where we can.

"If you need some food or hay etc. as you're struggling to feed them due to no money from the lockdown, we could put a care package together and leave on your doorstep."

She added: "Please, please get in touch, and do not dump your animals for any reason.

"We are all in this together."

But the sanctuary still needs donations to run and look after its animals, and any support is welcome.

Donations through PayPal can be made to foreverfriendsanimalrescue16@gmail.com, or visit the Forever Friends Small Animal Rescue and Sanctuary Facebook page to find out other ways you can help keep the animals fed and cared for.