A CUMBRIAN artist has took to social media to raise a smile by drawing humourous sketches of the Coronavirus lockdown.

Eleanor Tyler, 71, from Currock, Carlisle, was determined to be productive after she decided to self-isolate, because of a pre-existing medical condition, during the present pandemic.

Ever since the grandmother-of-two has been cheering up friends and family by penning rabbit sketches that outline some of the big issues of the day - and putting them on Facebook.

Subjects range from helping those in need, appreciating the NHS, to the hoarding of loo rolls.

Eleanor said: "I'm 71 and my family said I was in a vulnerable category so I needed to be careful.

"I like to be on the go and I liked doing these little scribbles. People on Facebook have reacted to them really well, some have even asked for copies.

"It is just something to make people smile and I get some lovely messages about them."

She took up art again seriously in 2009 when she retired.

Eleanor added: "I got the chance to get back to my art and do what I want to do.

"My mother always used to say that I always had a pencil in my hand."

She joined two local art groups and in 2017 she even had her own exhibition at the Off the Wall Cafe in Brampton where she raised money for the Great North Air Ambulance after her daughter-in-law, Sarah, was rescued by the flying medics after a horse riding accident during the Warwick Horse Trials, at Warwick Hall, near Carlisle in July 2015.

The horse is believed to have had a heart attack mid jump and died.

Sarah broke her pelvis, leg and suffered facial injuries. She was taken to the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle afterwards she had to receive months of physiotherapy.

Not only is Eleanor an accomplished artist but she's also penned a work of crime fiction, set in Dalston, which she is hoping to get printed by a publisher in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire.

Anyone that would like to have a look at some of Eleanor's artwork go online to: www.facebook.com/eleanorjean.tyler