THE NHS was shown a beaming sign of appreciation by one Carlisle family as the country came together to celebrate its health workers.

Freelance sound and laser tech engineer Lee Crellin, of Brackenleigh, Morton, projected the bright blue letters onto the side of his home in during Clap for Carers.

Though many were unable to see it in person, it was well received on Facebook with 14,000 people giving it a thumbs up.

Like millions across the country Lee's livelihood has been shattered by the outbreak of the coronavirus. Thankfully he will benefit from the Government's newly announced scheme for the self-employed but the reaction online has given him a much-needed boost.

His wife Carly, a health visitor in the NHS, said: "It just really perked him up because his last job was up at Murrayfield for the Six Nations. We have lost thousands of pounds and millions of others have.

"This feedback has really done well to pick him up. It's been a tough time for everyone."

She continued: "He knows what sacrifice I'm going to be making and he knows how important it is to everybody. It goes without saying that it is all of the key workers and the rest of the people who are keeping the country going.

"He just knows how important the NHS is for me. I have got this burning desire to go and help - almost like if you were a soldier. You've got that need inside to go and help despite knowing what risks there are.

Carly, 34, was blown away by the show of thanks from people across the nation. She added: "It was absolutely amazing. It's emotional for everybody and I know it makes everybody so proud. We are all grateful we have got this fantastic army of people who are making their own sacrifices to take care of people. We are in for whatever is around the corner."

Lee also has plans to project a message into the sky and would love to find a way of projecting the NHS logo onto a key Carlisle landmark.