Major bus company has revised its time table in response to government guidelines.

Stagecoach Cumbria has provided an update on further changes being made to its timetables following advice on avoiding non-essential travel.

Changes will start from Monday, March 30, Rob Jones, managing director of Stagecoach Cumbria and North Lancashire said: “We continue to play a crucial role in ensuring that key workers, such as NHS staff and the people vital to the food supply chain, can get into work.

“We have tried hard with our temporary timetables to ensure that we are continuing to serve critical routes.

“I’m extremely proud of the way in way our team in Cumbria & North Lancashire is pulling together to ensure that we can continue to deliver our services. They are key workers too and I would like to thank them for their continued support and resilience in these challenging times.”

In addition to enhanced cleaning regimes, Stagecoach has taken extensive action to protect the safety of its customers and staff with a number of additional measures in place.

Contactless payments are being encouraged wherever possible and social distancing guidelines are being displayed on buses. In partnership with local authorities, Stagecoach Cumbria and North Lancashire is accepting the use of free concessionary travel passes before the normal 09.30 threshold to enable elderly customers to make use of dedicated shopping hours in place at many supermarkets.

The changes are as follows:


60: Mon-Sat every hour Infirmary to Carleton Clinic. First bus from Carleton Clinic 0640 last bus back 2039 from West Tower Street. Customers for Sandsfield par should use 61B. 61B only has normal Sunday service.

61: Mon-Sat an enhanced Sunday timetable will run with 2 61s 1 61a and 1 61b per hour. Buses will start earlier in the morning between 0530 and 0630 and run through to around 2200. Sundays will be a normal Sunday service.

62: Mon-Sat enhanced Sunday timetable with buses only running as far as Lowry Hill.

To get to ASDA customers will need a 79. In addition all 79s will run via Harker so will be able to pick up and drop off at the road end for Kingmoor Park. Sunday normal timetable.

67: Mon-Sat enhanced Sunday timetable. First bus 0602 from Belle Vue Criffel Road. 0535 from Oaklands Drive Upperby. Last bus 2305 from Upperby and 2302 from Belle Vue. Normal Sunday service.

69: This service is withdrawn. Please use the 76 at Eden Street for Edentown, 62 from Scotland Road and 62 from Colville Street and Denton Holme.

73 and 208 will not start summer timetable until isolation period over.

76: Mon-Sat every hour. First bus from Durranhill 0631 from St Ann’s 0530. Last bus from Durranhill 2325 and 2255 from St Ann’s. Normal Sunday service.

79/179: Broadly hourly service with buses every 2 hrs on 79 and 2hrs on 179. Buses will run via Harker to serve the road end by KIngmoor Park. See timetable for full details. Normal Sunday service.

80: Normal service but no service between 11am and 12pm. As now no Sunday service.

91/91A: withdrawn

93: Mon-Sat One workers bus and one shoppers bus per day. Arrivals at 0818 and 1121 in Carlisle with buses back at 1250 and 1710. No service on Sunday.

104: Roughly two hourly Mon-Sat first bus from Penrith 0550, first bus from Carlisle 0650. Last bus from Carlisle 2215 last bus from Penrith 2129. Sundays similar to normal but with earlier finish to take into account reduced demand from Center Parcs.

685: Short services to Brampton withdrawn except the 0634 from Brampton. Long service to Newcastle will run to a Saturday timetable giving an hourly frequency from Brampton rather than half hourly at present. 400: Carlisle to Silloth only. Mon-Sat One workers bus and one shoppers bus per day. Arrivals at 0836 and 1053 in Carlisle with buses back at 1440 and 1700. No service on Sunday

554: Mon-Sat shoppers service only arrives Carlisle 1210 returning at 1600. Sunday no service.

563: Mon-Sat one round trip arrives Penrith at 1038 returns at 1330. No Sunday service. 600: Mon-Sat one round trip arrives Carlisle at 0843 returns at 1645. No Sunday service

508/108: One journey in and one journey out for shoppers.

West Cumbria:

1: Every two hours Monday to Saturday. First bus 0813 from Lowca 0743 from Mirehouse then every two hours through the day last bus 1613 from Lowca 1742 from Mirehouse. Normal Sunday service.

2: Every two hours Mon-Sat first bus from the punch bowl 0705, last bus back from Whitehaven 1700. Normal Sunday service.

3: Every two hours Mon-Sat. First bus from Mirehouse 0845 last bus back from Whitehaven 1630. Normal Sunday service.

30/31 32E: Mon-Sat. Hourly between Frizington and Whitehaven, Hourly between Egremont and Whitehaven, combining to give a half hourly service between Whitehaven and Workington. Hourly between Workington and Maryport. Some evening journeys on 32E. Sunday is a normal service.

32: Service withdrawn X30: Service withdrawn please use 30/31

31H: Service withdrawn please use 30/31 46: All buses are now 46B. Mon-Sat. First bus 0747 from Salterbeck, last bus from Workington 1740. Normal Sunday service.

47: Mon-Sat hourly first bus from Seaton 0730 last bus back from Workington 1720. Sunday normal service.

50 and 51: Mon-Sat all buses will run as 50B first bus from Moorclose 0811 last bus back from Workington 1705. Normal Sunday timetable.

57: Withdrawn

78: One bus timetable hourly. No Sunday service.

77/77A: will not start summer timetable until isolation period over

300/301: Mon-Sat roughly every two hours but with early and late journeys serving Carlisle Hospital. Sunday normal service.

302: Service withdrawn please catch 300/301 C1, C2, C3 No Change

X4/X5: Every two hours Mon-Sat all buses will run as X5. Normal Sunday service.