Plans have been revealed to knock down a business unit and make way for a car park.

I Park Smart ltd has applied to Allerdale council to demolish Country Pine And Oak on Lorton Street, Cockermouth.

They want to create a pay and display car park.

Plans would see the retail unit knocked down and an existing building used as a storing facility.

The site measures 1,445 square metres and would accommodate 33 cars.

A resident who objected to the proposal told Allerdale council: "I could not object more strongly, as a resident of the terrace on Lorton Street with access only to a disc parking strip for residents.

"There are not enough spaces for the residents to park their own cars. They have to compete with disc zone users who are determined to get 'free' parking. There is a pay and display car park at Sainsbury, approximately 100 yards away, which is never full."