RECORDED crimes have again risen in the city centre despite rising fears over the Coronavirus.

In the seven days to last Sunday, Carlisle Business Crime Awareness (CBCA) dealt with 21 incidents.

This included criminal behaviour order breaches, together with incidents of drug possession, drug use in toilets, and abusive, threatening behaviour.

In the week before only 15 incidents were recorded.

At the time the manager of the CBCA, the organisation that combats consumer crime in the city centre, said: “Last weeks recap has seen as big decrease in issues dealt with.

"This is most likely due to the low footfall in the town centre and it is possible the Coronavirus has scarred off shoplifters.

“But we still dealt with 15 incidents that included possession of a blades article, criminal behaviour order breaches, ️Anti Social behaviour."

In the seven days to March 1, there were 28 call-outs.