Penrith AFC are offering supporters, former players and anyone with the club at heart to be a permanent part of its history.

The Frenchfield Park club have started a commemorative wall at their ground in which people can have their name inscribed on a brick.

The initiative was started as part of the Northern League club’s 125th anniversary celebrations.

Long-serving chairman and ex-manager Brian Williams said about 100 people have already shown interest.

He hopes it will be a success at Penrith and also provide the club with a boost during the current period of uncertainty during the coronavirus shutdown.

Williams said: “I had seen this done at other Northern League clubs, such as Bishop Auckland, and felt it would be a good way to commemorate our 125th anniversary.

“I’ve been involved with the club for more than 50 years and seen a hell of a lot of people on the books in that time.

“Hopefully they will be interested in helping us celebrate this and commemorating some happy times with the club.

“Players, supporters, parents – we would like to think they would like to put their mark on the club for the next 125 years.”

To have your name on a brick costs £25, with larger bricks available for £75.

Williams added: “We had hoped to have it all in situ before the end of the season but this unseen virus has really pushed us back and will affect all clubs at our level in all sorts of ways.

“But we hope this is something people with Penrith at heart will get behind.”

For more details, Brian can be contacted on 07853191272.