A Carlisle firm says lessons must be learned by businesses, organisations and housing associations from the Grenfell Tower tragedy.

Failing fire doors contributed to the fire in the 24-storey west London tower block in 2017, which killed 72 people, and legislation is going through Parliament to tighten up controls around doors.

FD Fire Door Ltd, on Warwick Road, was set up by Brian Ferguson in March of last year to help firms and organisations navigate the new regulations.

Offering an inspection service, installation and management of fire doors, Brian thinks it is one of only two firms in Cumbria and South West Scotland working in the field.

He added that its workload was poised to grow as regulations are introduced to make sure fire doors are inspected.

Brian said while their services were called upon across the UK, including in most major cities and large NHS trusts, it didn’t have a lot of work in Cumbria.

Brian, who has a background in architectural ironmongery, said: “This is a serious issue. As the Grenfell Tower inquiry continues, more and more updates are coming out, which are making organisations like housing associations reassess what they are offering.”

The first phase of the public inquiry said failing fire doors contributed to the tragedy and noted that an inspection in 2016 raised concerns about some doors not sealing smoke properly.

Brian added: “This is an issue that should run through every stage of the construction industry.

“It is estimated that around 88 per cent of fire doors are not fit-for-purpose across the UK.

“It’s a huge number and one that needs addressing.

“Understandably, with everything else going on at the moment, this is not at the forefront of people’s minds but it is still extremely important.

“Rapidly evolving fire door legislation is being driven through Parliament as a result of the Grenfell inquiry, the Dame Judith Hackkit review and the Government’s own raising the bar report.

“Updates are coming through weekly from the inquiry.

“Housing associations are being told to urgently inspect fire doors.

“We are getting calls from housing associations across the country to ask us to inspect their doors to make sure they comply.”

FD Fire Door has a team of inspectors and joiners who visit organisations, homes and hospitals.

They do initial inspections and will train staff members to carry out their own inspections.

Brian added: “Fire doors are more complicated that people realise. It’s not just the door itself, its the entire system around the door, from the hinges to the handle.

“People need to and it is not just a job for a joiner to install a fire door, they should be specially trained, but there is no regulation around this as yet.

“That’s why there is such a disparity around them and why there are those that are not fit-for-purpose.”

“Rest assured, this legislation is coming and it will be in black and white.

“Fire and rescue will have additional powers to make sure there is compliance.”