A five year nightmare changed in only nine minutes this week with a £55,000 windfall.

Life has been tough for Flimby's Michele Kirkbride and her family for the past five years.

It started when her son Odin, then five, fell 10 feet off a grandstand, landing on his head. That he survived at all was a miracle but, while he is doing well, his recovery was slow.

Michele, who has been in the travel industry all her life, was forced to give up work with Hays Travel to be at home with Odin.

She continued to work, on commission only, as a self-employed consultant with Hays.

"I took a big hit last year when Thomas Cook went under. In the past couple of weeks I have been flat out trying to refund, rebook or cancel holidays affected by the coronavirus."

She said the family had planned a visit to Paris Disney but had to cancel. She was also due to attend a travel conference in Tenerife which was also cancelled.

"I was sitting at my computer on Monday and heard the CFM Cash Register competition amount.

"I wrote it down. That was just before 2.55. At four minutes past three my phone rang.

"I couldn't believe it! I answered the question about the current amount and was told I had won £55,000.

"It was such a lovely thing to happen after all we have been through."

Of course, there is really nowhere to spend £55,000 now but Michele said she will be keeping hold of it.

"My husband Adrian and I both turn 50 next year.

"A visit to the Maldives has always been on my bucket list, so we might celebrate our birthdays there and we will put some towards the mortgage which will be a real help."

Their elder son Scott is a pharmacy student who is helping out at a Maryport chemist while the university is closed.