A financial adviser has urged investors to seek advice on their portfolios as turmoil continues to grip global financial markets.

Rachael Bell, who is the principal of Rachael Bell Wealth Management, in Carlisle, said her team has spent the last two weeks contacting clients to discuss their investments in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

She said: “In terms of specifics, there is no one single piece of advice that can be given to individuals with investments.

“The one piece of advice which does transcend all portfolios and individuals, however, is to seek good, clear and balanced advice.

"These are tough times for investors, and markets are likely to remain volatile in the weeks and months to come as uncertainty persists over the impact of the coronavirus on the global economy and public health.

"Difficult though it can be, it’s important to sit tight and keep sight of long-term objectives.”

Rachael’s practice has implemented a video conferencing facility to allow virtual face to face meetings during the coronavirus shutdown.

“It is worth commenting on the enormous cost of the rescue packages put in place, which will almost certainly result in ultra-low yields and official rates near zero for the next decade," she said.

“In the years to come, we expect to be looking back at this current period as the best entry point for many years.

"So, we would urge investors not to panic from here.

"In our experience, long term investors such as pension funds will be looking at today’s bond yields very positively.

"Shorter-term investors will not be far behind.”