While children and parents try to adjust to a new way of life with schools closing much earlier than anticipated, there have been some bright ideas on how to fill in the time.

Laura Graham, 27, from Little Broughton, spotted a post on Facebook which suggested creating a rainbow.

The cheery sign could be placed in a window and seen by children while they are out on a walk.

Children could also have fun making a rainbow to put up in their own windows.

Laura said: “There is a group on Facebook asking people to make rainbows to put in the window so that kids can find them whilst they are out for a walk.

“This is a lovely idea and a great way of spreading some happiness in this scary time.

“It would be lovely if more people could join in, it’s something for the kids to do and I’m sure will make a few people smile as they see all your children’s art in the window.”

“I thought it would be nice to make one with my son Jack and put it in the window for the kids to spot.

“The picture will change weekly.”

The original Rainbow Trail site was set up on March 18 in Ipswich, Suffolk. It has now gone global reaching all over the world.

The page has suggested people add a message to the rainbows for all the key workers this week and do flowers for March 30, Easter eggs on April 6 and butterflies on April 13.

Laura said one-year-old Jack wasn’t too impressed with the cotton wool when making the artwork, but enjoyed ripping the strips to make the creation with and colouring in a paper plate.

Then they made a fingerpaint rainbow with a thank you message of support for key workers.

Since Saturday rainbows have started appearing all over the village and have also been noticed in other areas too, such as Seaton.

Laura said: “I love that everyone seems to be getting involved.

“It’s nice to see that other people want to try and spread some joy as well as something for the kids to do.”

With outdoor activity restricted to exercise only, a walk with children to see how many pictures they can find is a great way to entertain them.