SUPPORT groups are being set up across the county to try and combat the effects of people having to self-isolate due to coronavirus.

Here in Cumbria many towns and villages have come together to provide help for those who are unable to leave their home because they are elderly or vulnerable.

In Wigton a group has been set up called Wigton Covid-19 Mutual Aid, the group was first founded by Tricia Rham and is fed into by residents of the town.

Mrs Rham explained: "Across the country there's a whole host of these groups set up called Covid-19 mutual aid.

"It seems to be a national group that are setting up.

"Lots of people have their own in different areas."

After being invited to join the Cockermouth mutual aid group, Mrs Rham decided to set one up in Wigton to help those who are housebound during the pandemic.

"It seems to have gone from me inviting a couple of people I know in the area to having 750 members now," added Mrs Rham.

"It seems to be working too."

The page, which has been set up on Facebook, is a place for people to post helpful advice, tips and volunteer services to help people.

Mrs Rham continued: "I have said to people it's not for political ranting, it's purely for people that are stuck, if they're self-isolating, if you can't get out and don't have anyone to help you.

"It's for people who need help and for people who can offer help and so far it seems to be helping people.

"One lady put on a post about her parents being in Wigton and self-isolating and she was the other side of the country self-isolating and couldn't help them and immediately we have people ready to help."

The whole group are providing shopping, dog walking services, taking people to hospital and all daily essentials you would normally do if you weren't self-isolating.

Wigton Town Council have also joined in the scheme too.

Town clerk, Alison Dodd, explained: "We are providing postcards that people can put through letter boxes to say they are available to help. People need to adhere to the advice from the government and do what they are telling us to do.

"Limiting where people can go I do hope people start listening and stay at home and help save lives.

Mrs Rham continued: "We have communities that can support each other and I've been impressed by how people have come together."