One community is coming together amidst the chaos caused by the pandemic sweeping throughout the world.

Residents of Cleator Moor have banded together to look after the elderly and vulnerable in their town.

The Facebook-based Cleator Moor Covid Support Group was set up by Michael Eldon and Gary Meagan, with the aim of providing everyone with the support they need during self-isolation, and get others involved in offering help and services.

Admins including Lynda Connor, Steve Dixon and John Murphy are also helping to run the group, hoping to get the best results for their town.

And with more than 730 members just one week after it was set up, the group is certainly proving a success.

“The response we have had is overwhelming,” co-founder Michael said.

“We’ve got a lot of information about people who live on their own in the town – we just want to reach as many people who need help while they’re self isolated as possible.”

With the help of Cleator Moor business Works4You, the group has set up a number for people to call if they need help with everything from posting letters to picking up shopping and prescriptions. Workington’s Firpress has also played its part, printing cards free of charge for the group to post around the town.

Michael added: “It’s just gone crazy!

“Ian Rooney – manager of the Wath Brow Hornets – said something that’s really stuck with me, and sums up Cleator Moor – ‘One town, our town’.

“It shows what can be done when the Cleator Moor community comes together – the people are amazing, and I wouldn’t have brought my kids up anywhere else.”

Also supporting the group is Cleator Moor's Ross Whitfield of Cygnus Office Management, who is providing and paying for the vital helpline number, 01946444950, with North Press also printing 1500 leaflets for the group to distribute.

For support or to offer the community help at this time, visit the Facebook page Cleator Moor Covid Support Group, or call the group’s helpline.