A second case of coronavirus has been confirmed at a Carlisle secondary school - though the school will remain open tomorrow.

Trinity School headteacher Jo Hawkin confirmed to parents this evening that a second member of the school's community has tested positive for coronavirus.

In a letter sent to the parents of Trinity School students, Ms Hawkin said that she had been "contacted by Public Health England this evening".

The authority informed her that "a second member of the school community has tested positive for COVID-19" - the official name for coronavirus.

"As before it is important to protect the privacy of this individual," Ms Hawkin said.

"Public Health England have told us that they will be investigating this new case tomorrow, to check whether there are other possible sources.

"They will trace contacts as before and may ask us to help with providing information to anyone affected."

Ms Hawkin confirmed that Public Health England have told her that "there is no need to close the school".

"However, we do understand that some parents are concerned and that this is causing anxiety for some students.

"Our plan is that school will be remain open tomorrow, but if you feel the need to keep your child off school until we are able to provide more information, after Public Health England have completed their investigation, we will be able to authorise absence in these extremely unusual circumstances.

"We feel that it is important to follow the advice from Public Health England and to give the opportunity for students, particularly in Year 11 and 13, to continue with their studies.

"We will update parents again tomorrow."