A CARING pub has raised funds to support West Cumberland Hospital.

The giving team of the Puncheon Inn, in Whitehaven, held a raffle and scattered buckets around the pub to raise money for the Henderson Suite at WCH.

And they’re now pleased and proud to announce they have £1,066 to hand over to the chemotherapy unit, hoping it will be used to create a comfortable and welcoming space for patients.

“I want them to use all the money, whether it’s to buy TVs or chairs or cushions – anything to make people comfortable,” Puncheon Inn’s landlady, Gail Atkinson said.

“We just always want to help people that need a bit of a helping hand.”

After being a carer for 25 years, it’s no surprise that Gail wants to continue giving, and holds regular fundraisers at her pub, including ‘guess how many pickles are in the jar’, among many others.

The grateful group added: “A big thank you from the Puncheon to everyone who helped us raise the money.

"We're so chuffed and proud to be able to donate all this to the suite!”