WORK is ongoing to save a community service which closed after 22 years in the area.

Community Reach had been serving Raffles and the surrounding area for more than two decades, providing support to people of all ages.

A lack of funding meant that the difficult decision was made to close down the entire operation, which includes a shop and a hub.

The faith-based charitable organisation was responsible for events such as gala days, coffee mornings and various sales.

“It is very sad,” explained Eleanor Hancock, who was a trustee for more than five years.

“What is happening now is that trustees are thinking what can we do to. I don’t think the service is dead in the water.

“It is something that has done so much work. Summer fetes, school clubs, so many things over the years.”

Spaces like Community Reach are integral, according to the former trustee.

“Any community needs places to meet. It doesn’t need to have an awful lot of services, there just needs to be somewhere to meet.

“Community Reach has always been great at signposting people to the right servies and support, which is still needed in the community.”

Carlisle City councillor for Newtown and Morton North Pam Birks said: “It has done some marvellous work over the years, but sadly funding and grants became more and more difficult to find.

“Les Tickner, Christine Bowditch and I are looking at ways we can ensure it doesn’t fully close.”