AN environmentally-friendly scheme to recycle crisp packets across Carlisle has been extended to more locations in the city.

Since the community project from Carlisle City Council began last September, it has been revealed that more than 8,500 crisp packets have been recycled.

Residents in Carlisle are also now able to support a local charity by recycling their crisp packets.

The crisp packets can be recycled in a variety of public buildings, including two city schools.

The full list of locations are: Longtown Community Centre; Impact Furniture Services, Nelson Street; Harraby Community Centre; Currock Community Centre, Denton Holme Community Centre, Inglewood Infant school and Stanwix Primary school.

The city council and waste management company TerraCycle UK, have partnered with Walkers for the Crisp Packet Recycling Scheme.

The empty crisp packets are collected by Carlisle City Council and sent to TerraCycle to be cleaned, shredded and turned into plastic pellets.

The pellets are then transformed into items such as park benches, waste bins, playground equipment and fence posts.

Crisp packets often contain metallised plastic film - a product which looks like foil but is actually plastic and metal - which isn't widely recycled.

Any brand of crisp packet is accepted, but not popcorn bags, meat snack bags or crisp tubes.

TerraCycle provide charities with a financial reward for every kilo of crisp packets recycled and last year, Carlisle City Council chose Eden Valley Hospice as their charity.

Natalie Bingham, Eden Valley Hospice’s corporate relationship co-ordinator said: ''This is such a wonderful initiative and we're absolutely delighted that Carlisle City Council have chosen to support Eden Valley Hospice as their chosen charity.

"A huge thank you to Carlisle City Council for their support and we look forward to seeing this scheme develop and hopefully roll out to even more public sites, giving people more opportunities to recycle.''

Cllr Nigel Christian, portfolio holder for environment and transport added: “We are always looking at different ways of expanding what and how we can recycle.

"Crisp packets recycling through the TerraCycle schemes provides a financial benefit to our chosen charity - Eden Valley Hospice.

"We’re looking to expand the scheme to even more community buildings within the city.”

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