A proposed new rail station for a Solway town has been pushed back up the agenda by Workington MP Mark Jenkinson.

Mr Jenkinson has met with Chris Heaton- Harris MP, trains minister, to discuss the possibility of reinstating a station in the town.

And he has also written to Grant Shapps, Secretary of State for Transport, highlighting the issue.

Silloth’s station was removed under cuts to rail lines by Beeching in the 1960s but Mr Jenkinson is keen to see it reinstated saying it would benefit the local economy.

Last week Silloth town councillors had the opportunity to meet with Mr Jenkinson to discuss the recent £500m funding pledge by the government to help fund feasibility studies to look into restoring some of the historic railway lines closed in the 1960s.

Councillors Mark Orchard, Graham Wilkinson, Paul Donal and Stuart Graham attended the meeting which was said to be both positive and informative.

A discussion took place on how the town has changed over the years and the issues it faces but for things to improve there needs to be a plan in place and a vision for the future.

Mr Jenkinson told councillors he was onboard in helping to drive the town forward and they are grateful to him for giving up his time to visit Silloth.

Mr Jenkinson is keen to see his constituency benefits from the money available from the Department for Transport to reverse Beeching Cuts.

He has mooted the idea that a feasibility study could be carried out regarding a station at Silloth.