A FARMER is appealing for information after a worker found a dead sheep in their field.

On Friday morning the worker noticed the dead sheep in a field near Dalston on his way to work so went to collect it, on further inspection it because apparent that it had marks around it neck.

Sarah Reay, the farmer at Cardew Hall appealing for information, explained: “On checking he also noticed another two sheep had marks around their neck and blood down their eck and front.

“They seemed settled so he left them, but we are planning to move them to another field soon.

“We brought the injured sheep home too keep a close eye on them and reported it to the police.

“I knew there wouldn’t be much they could do but it was more to have it on their record.”

Unfortunately this is not the first time Sarah’s or her partner, Musgrave’s livestock has been subject to attacks like this and it’s not the first time sheep in that field have been attacked before they owned it.

It is believed the attack happened between Thursday night and Friday morning.

“It made us feel very annoyed and angry and upset for what the sheep have gone through,” continued Sarah.

“We as all farmers, despite what some people think, work very hard to ensure all our livestock have the best we can give them and to be chased around a field when they are heavily pregnant by a dog that the owner is obviously not bothered what goes on is unfair.

“We haven’t changed anything that we do but we will be a lot more vigilant when we stock the field again.”

Sarah is appealing for anyone that has seen any dogs in the field, despite there being no public access.

Sarah added: “If any dogs are found worrying our sheep Under Section 9 of the Animals Act 1971 they will be shot.”