A CELEBRITY are posing with a west Cumbrian charity’s wristband as the cause continues to grow.

International star Peter Andre has been pictured wearing a Danica’s Dream Fund wristband, joining many celebrities in the show of support.

The charity was founded by John Maxwell of Egremont to raise funds for children with cancer and their families, in memory of his daughter.

Danica Maxwell died aged just 15 in 2010 and it was her dream to help others battling cancer.

Since the charity was founded, £96,481.41 has been raised.

Mr Maxwell has plenty of support in spreading the word and raising funds. Friend Mark Andrews from Egremont contacts celebrities and asks them to pose with the charity’s wristband.

Mr Maxwell said: “He tells them about the charity and they agree. They don’t even know her.”

Danica’s Dream Fund has seen support locally and across the country.

In addition to sponsored challenges like The Great North Run, the charity hosts an Easter fundraising day every year.

The bingo and raffle events with Easter eggs and prizes donated by local businesses, are held at the Falcon Club in Egremont.

Mr Maxwell said: “We’ve done it every year since Danica passed away. A lot of her friends come.”

The next Easter fundraising event will be held at the Falcon Club on Sunday March 15 from 3pm.

John’s next big challenge for the charity is a daring wing walk: "I promised Danica that I would do the wing walk."

And he is currently getting in shape to do it with his close friend Michelle Corkhill.

Mr Maxwell said: “We are both in training for that. As soon as she saw that I put the post on Facebook, she asked to do it with me.”

The charity received support from a group of apprentices, Team Sugar in the entrepreneurial challenge of the Gen 2 Grand Final.

£850 was raised with the winning effort of LLWR apprentices.

Mr Maxwell, who also works at LLWR added that it was an emotional moment when the team were announced as the winners.

"That was a nice gesture. I started tearing up."