MORE than 50 school children took part in a small schools music event.

On Friday, January 31, youngsters attended Hunter Hall School, in Penrith.

It also included Reception, Year one and Year two pupils from Temple Sowerby Primary School and Kirkby Thore Primary School.

The event was organised by Lynsey Wrightson, the Head of Music at Hunter Hall.

The idea behind it was to reach out to smaller schools who don’t have a music specialist in their own school.

They also wanted the event to specifically be for the younger school years, as there less provision for musical education in the area than there is for older children.

Mrs Wrightson, said: “The event was a great success.

"We had lots of fun, were able to share how exciting and enjoyable music can be and the children were really eager to learn more.

"We were also able to share ideas with the other schools involved and start thinking about how the event can evolve in the future."