I would say I’d like to see plenty more showings of Oliver!, but I’m worried I’ll get told off for being greedy and then have a song sung about me…

After seeing the group’s performance of The King and I back in October, I went to Workington Amateur Operatic Society’s latest production with extremely high hopes – and of course, I was not disappointed.

The Carnegie Theatre show was filled with suspense, drama and the perfect amount of laughter, with each and every cast member contributing to the musical in a major way.

Once again, Cole Walker proved his brilliant talent in the leading role, wowing the audience with his effortless friendship – and pick-pocketing – with the Artful Dodger, aka Whitehaven boy, Jack Hawley.

The pair worked together with natural chemistry, and portrayed the cheeky chaps perfectly – maybe too perfectly!

Although I’ve remained bitter since missing out on playing Nancy in my Year 4 production of Oliver, if my competition had been Chloe Steadman, I’d have accepted my defeat.

The budding star played the heart-breaking part with such passion, and I’m sure I wasn’t alone in holding back tears during the character’s tragic final scene.

But it can’t all be about the good guys, as baddies need praise sometimes, too.

Bill Skyes and the nasty Fagin, played by Kieran O’Hagan and Andrew McMinn, sent shivers down spines with their cruelty and cunning, and even though I may well have had a nightmare or two about the cruel duo, I’m still willing to praise them endlessly for their talent – they were just that good.

As always, it’s clear that all those behind the scenes – working the sound, lighting, costumes and props – worked their socks off to make the show so spectacular, and all deserve a tremendous pat on the back – and maybe even an extra helping of porridge.

There was one actor who couldn't help but break character, but I'll forgive them for having such a cute face and a very waggy tail.

As the show runs each evening at 7.15pm, with the final performance on Saturday, there’s no reason to miss WAOS’s wonderful and heart-wrenching Oliver!.

Tickets cost £13, and can be bought from the Carnegie Theatre website, or by calling the box office.