Laura’s lifelong love of art and design has seen her go from a childhood wardrobe full of felt tip pens to running her own thriving business.

Laura Luhrs, who has just celebrated her first year running her own graphic design company, LL Creative Design, is delighted to be able to say she has turned her lifelong passion for creativity not just into a career, but into her own company.

“Art and design were always my favourite subjects at school, as a child I had cupboards full of coloured paper and felt tip pens,” said Laura.

Graphic design, Laura explained, is drawing on images and words to “convey a message”.

The messages in question can be varied - one day Laura can be rebranding a restaurant or designing a new logo for a construction company, and the next day she might be designing bespoke wedding stationary for a newly engaged couple.

At just 25, Laura, who lives in Carlisle, is young for an entrepreneur.

But with the encouragement of her mum, dad and husband Alex, Laura decided to take the plunge and launch her Wetheral-based business in January last year.

“It was obviously a risk, but I felt I had to take it,” Laura said.

“We all agreed it was a good time to go for it. If I didn’t have a go, I think I would have always regretted it.

“It’s great to have my family’s support. My dad was able to give me a lot of advice, and still does, having worked for himself for many years.”

Studying product design at Northumbria University, Laura’s first job following graduation was designing children’s furniture.

But she soon discovered it wasn’t quite the world of creative freedom she craved.

“I realised manufacturing methods and fashion trends often had much of the influence,” Laura said.

“Graphic design gives you so much more freedom. It’s a faster process too.”

“You can design a brochure or banner, have it printed and in your hand in a couple of weeks.”

Reflecting on the past year, Laura said the biggest challenge had been “not to panic on the quieter days” as she first began establishing herself, but is now “much busier”.

One of her favourite jobs is designing bespoke wedding invitations - something she did for her own wedding to Alex in 2018, who also studied design at university (so is often a “handy second opinion” on projects).

“I love to exhibit at local wedding fayres and chat to newly engaged couples, their enthusiasm is infectious. Every couple’s ideas are different,” she said.