After more than 45 years a beloved community newsagents is shutting down and merging with its sister business in the town.

Mitchelson Newsagents in Brampton is no longer operating out of the Main Street building where it has sat for more than 45 years.

Instead, it has merged with the post office on Front Street where it will continue to offer exactly the same products and and services.

Mike Mitchelson, owner of the business, said: “We thought the time was right to combine the businesses into one premises.

“It strengthens the business on front street which is the post office, and obviously it is important that that business is maintained because of the vital services it provides as a post office as well.”

Mike, and his wife Anne, made the decision to merge the businesses due to a number of reasons such as the rise of people reading their news online, the rising cost of running a business, and that it was purely the right time for the couple as they look towards semi-retirement.

For the most part, business will continue as normal but simply from a different location.

The contact details for the newsagents and newspaper deliveries will remain the same.

There is one small change in that the post office will now be open seven days a week with extended opening hours.

In a letter, Mike and Anne wrote: “We have enjoyed serving our many customers and have so many happy memories from the 45 years during which we have met so many wonderful people and seen many changes in the town.”