1st Seaton Rainbows supported the Australian Red Cross disaster relief and recovery for their thinking day project this year.

Leaders Vicky Smart, Linzi Kilgour and Emma Watson decided to hold a dance-a-thon, as the children were familiar with the Australian disaster and wanted to help.

Rainbows leader, Vicky Smart, said: "We decided to support the Australian disaster relief at our planning meeting. We just thought it was current and the kids had heard about it on the news."

Around 21 Rainbows, aged between five to seven stepped up to do the dance-a-thon at their weekly meeting, to raise funds for the recovery cause.

Friends, siblings, family and leaders all joined in with the event.

Everyone that took part paid a minimum £2 entry fee, and there was the opportunity to buy a square of the Australian map for £1, with the chance of winning prizes.

Vicky said: "I'm absolutely delighted with the turnout and the fact they brought friends and siblings and parents to take part as well.

"A big thank you to Tesco and Danni Beverley - community champion - for supporting us again. They have provided us with juice, biscuits, sweets for the Rainbows to take home and prizes."

Parent Tracy Baxter, from Seaton, whose daughter Elise took part, said: "My daughter, Elise, had heard about the cause at school. It's definitely a good idea to raise funds for it. She loves coming to Rainbows and she was excited for today."

They danced for around half an hour before stopping for a quick break and a drink, then continued until 7pm, dancing for around three quarters of an hour.

The Rainbows had learned about the fire disaster at school, when Seaton Academy did a non-uniform day to raise funds. Vikky intends to also look at what happened in Australia at the next Rainbows meeting after half-term.

All of the 1st Seaton Rainbows that were involved will receive their world thinking day badge and a certificate.

World thinking day is held annually on February 22 as this is the joint birthday of scouting and guiding founder Lord Robert Baden-Powell and his wife Lady Olave Baden-Powell.