MEMORIES of the Second World War are being gathered as a town prepares to celebrate the 75th anniversary of VE Day.

With the event approaching on Friday, May 8, Penrith Town Council is putting out an appeal to record the memories of people who lived in the area.

So far they have spoken to a number of people including children who were evacuated to Penrith.

One is Graham Little, now in his 90s, living in Glasgow. He came to Penrith in Jan 1940 as an evacuee from Newcastle Royal Grammar School and stayed until July 1944.

Another is Richard Robson, also in his 90s, who came as an evacuee in 1939 and stayed with a local family.

A council spokesperson said: "We'd love to locate and speak to other people who lived in Penrith during the war years."

For information ring 01768 899773, or email