A Cleator Moor optician has flown out to Senegal to hand out thousands of glasses to those in need.

Ann Morgan jetted out on Tuesday to the Gambia, before facing a further three hour trek to Senegal, then starting work after a short break yesterday.

Mrs Morgan is accompanying other opticians to the African country to try aid people's vision who do not have access to services.

This is the fourth time Mrs Morgan has been to the country to help with vision aids, since her first trip back in 2014.

She explained: "I got involved through an optician in York Ruth Perrott. She sent out a request on a forum I am in for a lady optician who would share a room and go out to Senegal and do some eye tests.

"I didn't know her but I replied and went out for the first time with her in 2014.

"We take glasses out there with us that have been graded, sorted and cleaned and we do simple eye tests, nothing like we have here.

"We can see up to 150 people a day and last year we gave out 1,326 pairs of recycled glasses.

"The glasses are all pairs that people have handed in around York and I have collected some as well."

Normally handing out glasses is the most the opticians can do in Senegal but this year there is an added bonus, with Mercy Ships docked there at the same time.

Mercy Ships provides medical care and free surgeries, staffed by volunteers on a charity hospital ship.

Mrs Morgan added: "We can't help everyone, all we can do is give out glasses, we can't nprmally do anything about cataracts.

"But this time Mercy Ships are docked there so we can refere people with bad cataracts to have operations there. It makes you feel like you can help more peple."

Mrs Morgan will spend two weeks in Senegal, with just two days of free time.

She has also thanked her patients and staff at Ann Morgan Opticians for all their donations.