CONCERN over plans to bring back large-scale quarrying have brought residents out in force.

Residents from Plumbland village met with MP Mark Jenkinson to discuss the application and show him the proposed site.

Particular concern was raised over the high pressure gas pipes that feed west Cumbria.

Matt Hinde from Plumbland Parish Council Working Group explained: “Northern Gas Networks’ own guidance shows that no quarry blasting should take place within 250m of the gas pipe.

“This effectively cancels out phase one of the quarry application plans unless the pipe is moved at a massive cost to the bill payer.”

Further concern was raised regarding the unlined landfill site which Thomas Armstrong are planning to blast within 15m of the waste mass.

“There is known to be 35,000 square metres of ‘special’ and ‘notifiable’ waste which is hazardous to life, health and the environment,” continued Mr Hinde.

“The location of High Close Farm is another objection. The farm is a residential property with a young family, no an ‘industrial site’ as stated on the application.”

A spokesman for Northern Gas Network said: “The pipeline near the site in question is a 350mm high pressure transmission main and belongs to National Grid, rather than Northern Gas Networks. No gas distribution network pipework is proposed for the site.

The council has raised concern over the blast vibrations and the effects on the backfilled landfill site of High Close Quarry. Thomas Armstrong has been contacted for a comment.