A FESTIVAL that will shine a light on the potential of our dark skies is to spend a day in the area around Bewcastle.

The Cumbrian Dark Skies Festival will host an all-day event at The Crossings Inn at Roweltown in a location perfect for space fans.

There will be afternoon and evening activities with more to do than just observe the sky.

Tim Coombe, the event coordinator, said: “Seeing real planets and galaxies directly through a large telescope is so much more dramatic than photographs and films.

“The Crossings Inn is ideally located for astronomy, being 10 miles from the nearest town.

“We would like to introduce visitors to the Forgotten Lands as well as explore the heavens with them.”

There will be guided walks, bike rides, and a telescope familiarisation session in the afternoon.

In the evening, there will be opportunities to learn more about astrophotography, live music, and stargazing in the isolated area.

Day tickets cost £40 or just £5 for the stargazing session.

The festival will take place on Saturday, February 22 between 2pm and 11pm.