A WOMAN has found what she believes to be the world’s biggest crisp, measuring a whopping 20cm long.

Stunned Janine Ross, 38, made the bombshell discovery while sharing a packet of 69p Asda's own brand onion ring snacks with her friend’s daughter Izzy.

Their humble bag contained a massive sausage-shaped crisp, measuring a hefty eight inches.

The previous record for the biggest crisp in Britain was 15cm, a large 'Best Sweet Chili Crisp' from Morrisons.

Janine says it was hard to get an exact reading as the long onion ring bends and twists.

But she says if it was straightened it would beat the previous British record, and even the world title.

There have been bigger crisps made but they were specifically produced as a record attempt rather than occurring by accident.

Janine said: “We were at a birthday party when I found it, everyone was shocked and just started laughing hysterically. We weren’t expecting one that size, we have quite a few packets a month and they are usually the regular ‘o’ shape, but this one was huge. If it was straightened out it would be about 20cm long”.