A MAN pleaded guilty to assaulting two police officers.

Curtis James Nott, 29, of Cheshire - formerly of Penrith - was charged with assaulting PC Armstrong and PC Oyston in December 2019.

The case was adjourned for two weeks so the court can liaise with Cheshire probation.

Magistrates’ heard on Tuesday how PC Armstrong was called to an address in Penrith on December 23, 2019 to reports of a domestic incident.

On arrival Nott picked up a carrier bag full of clothes and threw it towards PC Armstrong.

He continued to be abusive and aggressive towards her.

She tried to get him outside the address to which Nott replied using expletives, adding: “Come on, spray me.”

He continued to display aggressive behaviour even after being sprayed.

As other officers started to arrive Nott lunged towards PC Armstrong but officers managed to stop contact being made.

PC Oyston arrested Nott and during the booking in system at the station removed his handcuffs so he could take his contact lenses out.

Nott then became aggressive again and lashed out with his left hand striking PC Oyston in the stomach with the back of his hand.

Defence lawyer, Sara Burniak, said: “He admits his demeanour is different when he is under the influence of alcohol.

“He had admitted he does have a problem with alcohol and had since started attending alcoholics anonymous.

“Mr Nott has taken the steps and moved away from the area, managing to secure himself a new job.”

He added that Nott is relieved he hasn’t caused any harm to the officers and admits that he reacted to the spray as his eyes were sore.