Residents are dismayed at the temporary closure of a long-standing Carlisle community pub, with one councillor blaming the national business behind the venue.

The Reiver, for years at the heart of the Yewdale community, is currently closed after its tenants decided to move on.

The Holmrook Road pub is leased by national firm Star Pubs and Bars, part of the global company Heineken.

A spokeswoman for Star Pubs said they were “keen to reopen the Reiver as quickly as possible”, and explained that the previous tenants had been a “temporary operator”, now keen to “concentrate on other businesses”.

Residents expressed disappointment on social media, while Morton west Carlisle city councillor James Bainbridge said he was “extremely saddened” at the closure.

“It has had some excellent tenants in the recent past,” he said. “A large number of people who have commented on this feel that Star Pubs shoulder much of the responsibility for this situation.

“The previous tenants knew the trade and the area, and knew what they wanted to do to drive the business forward.

“The problem with pub operator businesses is they tend to stifle innovation with their business practices, such as rent increases and having tenants tied to certain product lines.”

Star Pubs’ spokeswoman replied that the “leased and tenanted pub model gives people the opportunity to run their own independent pub.”

“We do not own chain pubs,” she said. “Each pub is an individual business rooted in the local community. We are passionate supporters of the Great British pub. Last year, we invested £50m in pubs up and down the country allowing them to thrive for the long term.”

Jeanette Bradley, councillor for Sandsfield and Morton West, described the closure as the loss of a “community hub”.

“Residents have said to me that the closure is a real shame,” she said.

“There are not that many pubs anymore, unless you are in the city centre. Pubs used to be the centre of the community, so it would be a shame if this was to go.”