A WORKINGTON man has been jailed for repeatedly flouting a court order that bans him from seeing his mum until 2022

The Carlisle Crown Court judge who this week imposed a 12 month jail term on Ritchie Edgar - who has already served time for ignoring the restraining order - warned him he will go back to jail in the future if he continues to visit his mother.

The defendant, 33,of Buttermere Road, Maryport, admitted four breaches of the order.

Gerard Rogerson, prosecuting, said the original court order was imposed by magistrates in February of last year. It expressly forbids Edgar from having any contact with Denise Edgar, or going to her home in Iredale Crescent, Workington.

But over three days - on December 12, 13, and 14 - Edgar made repeated visits to her address. When he arrived there on December 12, he said he wanted to collect some of hos belongings.

Mr Rogerson said: “She felt sorry for him; and he was her son, so she allowed him to collect some items.

“She said she should have phoned the police. After he had gone at 2pm she went to her bedroom and discovered that her purse had been disturbed.”

With the help of her granddaughter, Mrs Edgar later discovered that £30 had been taken from her bank account. The defendant later admitted taking the money, and promised that he would pay it back, said Mr Rogerson.

Despite this, the defendant was not charged with theft. Edgar returned to his mother’s house again on December 13, and 14, when matters escalated, said Mr Rogerson. Banging on the door, and drunk, and possibly full of drugs, he demanded to be let in.

"He was banging and shouting for around five minutes," said Mr Rogerson.

Thirty minutes later to returned again, and gave a repeat performance. Even after he was arrested that day by police and released, said Mr Rogerson, Edgar again returned to his mother’s address. Commenting on the effect this had on his mother, the prosecutor said: "She has made a victim personal statement.

"She says she is terrified of him and what he might do. She has tried to give him the benefit of the doubt; and tried to give him a chance. She said: "If this happens again I will phone the police again immediately.

"I am frightened and I don't feel safe in my own home."

The court heard that Edgar had breached the same restraining order on five previous occasions. His offending history showed that he was unable to comply with court orders, said Mr Rogerson. For flouting the order, he had been jailed in March, in April, and then again in August.

Mr Rogerson added: "The victim personal statement shows that there is a degre of fear being caused to his mother."

Brendan Burke, for Edgar, said the defendant had breached the order more times that the official offending record suggested. The barrister suggested that the defendant's mother had given him conflicting signals.

But Edgar had now moved to Maryport, seven miles away and he would not simply be able to walk around to his mother’s house. Judge Nicholas Barker told the defendant: “If you breach the order again, I’d expect the court to impose a sentence of this duration at least.”