CUMBRIA’S renowned farming advocate Hannah Jackson is spearheading a drive to help keep farmers safe and legal on farm.

The young Croglin farmer, better known as the Red Shepherdess on social media, is joining the campaign alongside the National Farmers Union focusing on better health and safety on farms.

“There are so many people who have followed my journey ever since I started in farming six years ago, and it’s great to have a platform where I can really showcase what British farming is all about. But there is also a sense of responsibility – to myself, to the public and to the rest of the farming community,” said Hannah.

“We need to be pushing the way forward for better health and safety on farms, not normalising behaviour that will sadly keep farming’s safety record way behind where it should be.”

The NFU, as part of its drive to help farmers keep safe when riding all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), is offering to members a 25 per cent discount off all Spada helmets.

The launch comes as the Farm Safety Partnership IFSP) turns its focus to transport safety.

The union is promoting the offer and highlighting the need for active changes within the farming industry when it comes to safety and wellbeing.

Alongside providing discounted helmets for members, the NFU is advising farmers to ensure appropriate training for those riding ATVs as well as good vehicle maintenance.

NFU Vice President Stuart Roberts said: “One of the simplest things anyone can do to keep themselves safe on farm is to wear a helmet when riding an ATV. I hope every member takes advantage of this offer that the NFU has secured.

“British farming has to get to a point where we embrace a much more safety-conscious attitude. This also means spreading the word to family, friends and colleagues and not being afraid or embarrassed to point out if you see something unsafe.

“The time has passed for turning a blind eye to practices which are illegal and which put people we care about in danger.

“The good news is that we are seeing more and more people talking about health and safety. There are some green shoots that as an industry we are starting to embrace – we just have to keep reiterating the safety message day after day, month after month, year after year. Only by doing that will we start to see real changes.

“It’s great to have Hannah join our campaign and I hope to see many more farmers getting on board, not only promoting our offer but promoting a safe farming industry for us all.”

Hannah added: “I’m proud to get behind the NFU’s campaign to improve safety on farms. I’m proud to commit to wearing a helmet every time I get on my ATV and I’m proud to take that message to the wider farming community.”

Hannah, 27, last year was Recruit 25 from the Channel 4 reality show ‘SAS: Who Dares Wins’ where she starred as one of the first women to be put through a gruelling selection process. But in the farming world the Red Shepherdess is making a name for herself as a rural ambassador.

A range of safety helmets was showcased on the NFU stand at LAMMA this week where members were able to have them fitted, and they will be available to try on and order at various agricultural events throughout 2020.

Over the next three months, the FSP will be urging all farmers and farm workers to:

Follow the Safe Stop procedure every time they leave the cab;

Always wear a seat belt;

Drive legal and safe every time;

Make their farm yard a safe yard.

A copy of the NFU’s Farm Vehicle Health Check Guide is available to members for more information on staying safe and legal on farm and on roads, members can also enter a competition to win a free helmet.