RESIDENTS living in Copeland have pulled out the stops to recycle over the festive holiday.

The average amount collected each week during Christmas and new year was 71 tonnes – this compares to an average 65 tonnes.

The increased card, paper, glass, plastic and metal created by the festive season is equivalent to an extra three lorry loads each week.

On the Saturday and Sunday between Christmas and new year - the team's busiest weekend - an impressive 40 tonnes were collected.

Copeland mayor, Mike Starkie, said: "We all create more recycling at Christmas and it's great to see it being put out for collection to be made into other products.I'd like to congratulate everyone in Copeland who recycles and urge them to keep up the good work. Twenty tonnes in one day is a huge achievement. It was an extremely busy time and I want to commend our collection teams, who worked tirelessly to deliver our service during the Christmas holidays."

Information on what can be recycled, along with other helpful recycling tips, can be found at