A MIREHOUSE woman has had a book of her poems published - at the age of 92.

Jennie Doran was inspired to began writing poetry when she was at school and has written hundreds of poems over the years, with all the handwritten poems going into a big, black book.

Jackie Wilkinson, 55, from Frizington, met Jennie at St Andrews Church, where she occasionally read out her poems during services.

Jackie said she thought more people should have the opportunity to enjoy Jennie’s poems, so has taken the time to get them published for her.

She said: “Jennie was fairly laid back about getting her poems published, but now that the pre-ordered copies are selling like hot cakes she is really pleased.”

Jennie said it is great to see her poems in print: “I never thought I’d see them in print, it is only through Jackie that it has happened. They have gone quite well at the church.”

Jennie said she has written over 200 poems, which are based on many different subjects, from a trip to Carlisle that didn’t go according to plan to family, friends, faith, pets, getting old, nature, computers and many were written since her husband died. She said: “I don’t write as much as I used to, but my latest one is called I’m not afraid to die.”

The book has taken many hours to produce. Jackie said it has taken a long time and all her other work has been swept aside for it, but she wanted to get it out there for people to enjoy.

Copies of ‘Poems on Life, Faith and a Widow’s Love’ are available from Amazon for £5.99 and will be in Cornerstone Bookshop and the Beacon, in Whitehaven and the New Bookshop in Cockermouth.

The next step for Jackie and Jennie is getting the poems converted to a Kindle format, which will be published on Kindle Direct Publishing.

An example from her book:


Treacle Pud, that’s really good,

Arctic Roll, says it all.

Raspberry Ripple, goes well with a tipple.

Wobbly Jelly, shakes in the belly.

Currant Cake, with a cup of tea to take,

Black Forest Gateaux, makes you fatto.

Sticky Toffee Pudding, that’s a real good un,

Banoffie Toffee, yummy with coffee.

Sago, Tapioca and Rice, old fashioned but nice.

Treacle Tart and Lemon Meringue,

So many puddings, I could go on and on.

Yum, yum, puddings galore,

Like Oliver Twist, I want more, more, more.