A CARLISLE man arrested drunk outside the city's railway station said he was mortified a family with young children felt intimidated by his behaviour.

Toby Greenwell, 45, came to the attention of police after his conduct prompted British Transport police to remove him from "a service" on December 7 at around 8pm on December 7. "The officers were concerned for his welfare," said Amy Labram, prosecuting at the city's Rickergate Magistrates' Court.

When told officers were concerned for him, he said: "I've done nothing wrong." The prosecutor said: "Officers were concerned because he wasn't making any sense. They believed he was heavily intoxicated.

"He then started to shout abuse at the officers and at members of the public." When the defendant stumbled, an officer reached out to stop him falling and he focused his attention on a family with children who were coming out of the railway station.

Miss Labram said: "He was staring at the family, who had children with them. He wouldn't break eye contact with them. The officer tried to distract him."

When the defendant uttered more abusive words, he was arrested.

Tariq Khwam, for Greenwell, said: "He woke up naked in a police cell and didn't know why." Greenwell could not remember what happened at the railway station. "The officers said he didn't do anything apart from swearing," said the lawyer.

Greenwell, of Denton Street, Denton Holme, admitted being drunk and disorderly and having a small amount of cannabis. He was fined £80, with a £32 victim surcharge, and £85 costs. Leaving court, he said: "I've been to the British Transport Police at the station and apologised. I'm mortified that family felt intimidated by me, even though I didn't mean any harm. I know I can be a quite scary man when I'm in that state, which is why I'm not getting into that state again." Mr Khwam added that anxiety and depression were factors in the defendant's drinking.