A CRACKDOWN on alcohol fuelled trouble in pubs could see revellers receive a lengthy ban.

Any offences fuelled by alcohol in Whitehaven like assault, disorder and drug crime will incur a 13 month Pubwatch ban.

The stricter punishment will impact the social life of culprits, excluding them from the town’s public houses and off-license premises.

Bans have previously ran from one month to one year with a two year or lifetime ban for the most serious offences.

Police and Crime Commissioner, Peter McCall said: “Christmas is meant to be a time of celebration with friends and family but unfortunately there are always a small number of people who just take it too far.

He said: “Too often this leads to trouble which creates stress and even injury for pub goers, pub owners, pub staff and even the police.

“So I am very pleased to see Pubwatch partners imposing robust but appropriate bans meaning that anyone causing trouble will be put on a ban for the next 13 months.”

“These measures are not about spoiling anyone’s fun but people should be clear: if you do cause trouble you will face robust consequences. Know your limits, have a good time, get home safe and don’t ruin your Christmas by having to sit it out.”

Chairman of Whitehaven Pubwatch Jason Fisher said: “A move such as this deals appropriately with individuals who commit trouble in pubs.

He said: “What we’re doing is aiming to make sure people can come out to enjoy a safe and enjoyable night.”

Sergeant David Macdonald of Whitehaven’s neighbourhood policing team said: “We fully support this robust action. It means those causing trouble face a ban that impacts on their social life both this Christmas and next.

“The Whitehaven Pubwatch scheme is dedicated and keen to ensure people see the town as a safe and inviting place.”

He said: “If you believe that the ban has no relevance, then think again.

“This is a fantastic time of year and a ban such as this prevents you from enjoying the nights out on offer here.

“We will continue to work with licensed premises staff to ensure these premises remain a safe and inviting place for all law-abiding members of the community and are also a safe working place for those employed in the licensed trade.”