A regional training provider has introduced a healthy start to the day for all its learners.

PHX Training, which has centres across Cumbria and Lancashire, has introduced free breakfasts.

The free breakfasts have been launched to help learners start their day in a healthy way.

For employability and basic Journey2Work courses, adult learners were regularly arriving at courses without having eaten breakfast due to either a lack of means of opportunity.

Healthy free breakfasts have been introduced recently to schools across the country, with research proving the links between eating a morning meal and improved learning.

It is hoped that the breakfast clubs at PHX Training will also help learners return to a regular routine of eating in the morning that will continue once they enter the world of work.

Helen MacNaughton, business manager at PHX Training, said: “The old adage of breakfast being the most important meal of the day couldn’t be truer.

"When it comes to learning, starting with a healthy breakfast is proven to result in higher levels of concentration and attentiveness, as well as setting up a healthy routine for our learners that they will keep with them when they start work.

“Many of our learners come to PHX Training for support in finding a job. Removing the cost and stress of worrying about buying breakfast every morning means that they can attend their courses focused purely on learning.”

PHX Training centres include those in Workington, Carlisle and Barrow.