RESIDENTS on a small housing estate were left shocked by a large scale emergency service response on their doorstep.

Multiple police cars, two ambulances and a CSI van were called to Brisco Meadows at about 12pm yesterday.

Paramedics pronounced a local woman in her 30s to be dead at the scene, who is believed to have died suddenly.

Officers investigating said they were not treating the death as suspicious at this time.

Residents on the estate were unaware of what had happened, but admitted they had noticed the emergency response.

John Norris, 60 - who lives on the road - was alerted to the incident by his sister.

“She phoned me and said ‘what is going on, there are lots of police cars going past’,” he explained.

“This was between 11.50am and 12.10pm.

“I looked out the window and it looked like the door had been knocked in.

“What I saw was a small paramedic van and a normal size ambulance parked up. There were two police vans and a police car.”

“There were at least five or six police there and I saw a policeman with a hammer to break the door in.

“It’s usually quiet up here.”

Another nearby resident, also called John, said: “At about 12pm I came to have a look at my son’s house and I saw two ambulances, but I didn’t see anybody taken out.

Detectives could be seen leaving the property, along with uniformed officers.