A BOOZY boyfriend who wanted to watch football on TV turned violent when his partner let her child watch cartoons instead, a court heard.

Carl Andrew Doran, 32, lashed out during the resulting argument at her Arlecdon home, leaving the woman - now his ex-partner - with a broken nose.

Prosecutor Gerard Rogerson said that the defendant had downed lager and bottles of ale over several hours on September 22 and according to the victim he was “tipsy”.

Referring to her putting cartoons on the TV for her child, Mr Rogerson said: “Mr Doran was not happy about that. He wanted to watch the football.”

Doran then snatched the remote control and, as the row began, ushered the child away before approaching the woman. He then punched her on the nose, said Mr Rogerson, explaining that the child had glimpse the attack.

With her nose bleeding, victim fled up the stairs, leaving a trail of blood all the way up to the bathroom.

She sustained a fractured and displaced nose and needed an operation. “This is a physical and visible reminder of the assault. She will be aware of it for some time,” added Mr Rogerson.

Doran, formerly of Arlecdon, admitted an actual bodily harm assault - which occurred days after he received a suspended prison sentence for other offending.

The court heard he’d assaulted the woman three times previously, including once while she was pregnant.

Karen Tunnacliffe, defending, said Doran was remorseful and regretted his behaviour.

“He’d been abstinent from alcohol in custody on remand, and sought to address his drink misuse. “He describes himself as a very different man now,” added Mrs Tunnacliffe.”

Doran was jailed for 13 months and banned from contacting his victim for two years.