Students took to the streets across the country last Friday to protest against climate change effects.

A group of young people aged from 10 to 18, including Isabella Bridgman who has campaigned since the first strike, were out on Cockermouth's Main Street in the morning to demonstrate.

Isabella, 15, from Cockermouth School, said: "We went on strike to protest the lack of action regarding the climate crisis."

Myrtle Ashworth, 11, said she was striking to make people realise what is happening in the world and that action needs to be taken.

Matilda Bridgman, also 11, said that for her the climate crisis is definitely a huge worry at the moment, because we don’t have long to solve this crisis.

Young people were also supported by adults including parent Sara Brown, who brought her children along because she thinks it is a crucial time for them to be involved, especially because of the upcoming election which will affect the rest of their lives.

Isabella said students had taken the opportunity to speak to some of the MP candidates who had attended a hustings held at Cockermouth School recently.

She said: "Almost all of the candidates put the climate crisis as their main environmental policy."

Issues touched on included the need to get to net-zero carbon emissions as soon as possible, prioritising energy sources, wind turbines and tidal power.

She said the prospective candidates had mixed views on whether action from groups such as Extinction Rebellion and school strikers had been suitable and effective.

Climate strike campaigner Clare Rodger said: "We need to focus on the issues that will affect us in the long term, not just what is happening today."