There’s been a clear up operation on Corney Fell after a report of illegal fly tipping.

However the dozen bags filled with rubbish turned out to have been left by well intentioned litter pickers clearing the nearby roadsides.

It’s thought the bags were there for up to three weeks because Copeland Borough Council were not made aware of their presence until tipped off on Facebook.

Workers have now been to the site by the cattle grid on the Muncaster side of the fell and cleared the bags away.

Usually when someone holds a litter pick, arrangements are made with the council to pick up the collected waste.

This didn’t happen on this occasion and so the bags were inadvertently left at the side of the road for longer than usual.

In actual cases of fly tipping offenders can be fined up to £20,000 and in some cases sent to prison.

Members of the public who witness fly tipping are urged not to approach the offenders but rather note down any details of their vehicle and contact Copeland Borough Council or the relevant local authority, or the Environment Agency.