A CARLISLE man has been given a 16-week curfew for three incidents of stealing and one of breaching a court order.

John Lowe, 42, admitted stealing cosmetics worth £150.46 from Boots in Kendal on July 28.

He also confessed to taking meat from Cranstons on Ullswater Road in Penrith on November 14, with the value of this haul unknown.

Lowe admitted a third charge of breaching a criminal behaviour order by entering the Boots chemist in Penrith on November 22.

He stole meat valued at £94 from the same Cranstons store in Penrith, but this time on November 16.

All four charges were faced at Carlisle's magistrates' court on Monday.

Lowe, of John Street Hostel in the city centre, was placed under curfew between the hours of 7pm and 7am daily for 16 weeks.

The court also ordered him to pay £150.46 in compensation for the cosmetics and £244 compensation for the meat.

Lowe was also told to pay a £90 victim surcharge.